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The site you are trying to access has not been designed for Internet Explorer 6. We recommend that you upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 7. Additionally, the site you are trying to access has components that require Adobe Tree ring dating activity Player 9. We recommend that you upgrade your flash version in order for these components to display. The site you are trying to access has components that require Adobe Flash Player 9. The last Friday in April is Arbor Day in New York State.

That makes April a good time to learn more about trees. One of the most interesting properties of trees is the rings which form in the wood of trees growing in cold climates. Tropical trees do not show annual growth rings. In years of good weather, a tree ring dating activity will grow a wider ring tree ring dating activity new wood than it does in a bad year.

So tree rings can be a record of what the climate was like in the past. They can also record things which happen during the life of a tree, things like fires. The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages has many pictures, questions and answers, and links about tree rings. Tree Rings as Records of the Past is a lesson plan on tree rings which can be adapted tree ring dating activity grade. It looks at trees growing in a dry genital herpes dating uk and shows how tree rings can record wet years and dry years.

Exploring Earth has an online article on Tree ring dating activity Trees Record Annual Growth for tree ring dating activity to learn from. You don't have to cut a tree down to look at its rings. A tool called an increment borer can take a core from the tree to examine. Visit Your Tools for Dendro Dating to see some sample cores.

Pine trees make another record of how well they grow each year. They put out only one group or circle of buds for new branches each year arranged like the spokes of a wagon wheel. You can measure from one group of branches to the next and see how much it grew that year. Click here to see a White Pine which shows this property of pine branches.

Count the number of circles of branches to find out about how old the tree is. All right, time to get off the Internet and go look at some trees and tree stumps. Be a tree detective and learn about the trees near your school or home. Student Resources Measuring Tasks Activity of the Month Archive Fall Activities Winter Activities Spring Activities A Wildflower Adaptation Study Baby Animals Bird Song Bird Tree ring dating activity Butterfly Feeders Dandelions Eight Planets Five Senses in Spring Flowers Forcing Twigs Frog Songs Gravity and Inertia Games Kites and Paper Airplanes Maple Sugaring March, A Lion Or A Lamb?

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