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This is the first book covering an interdisciplinary field between microwave spectroscopy of electron paramagnetic e dating gr EPR or electron spin resonance ESR and chronology science, radiation dosimetry and ESR EPR imaging in material sciences. The main object is to determine the elapsed time with ESR from forensic medicine to the age and radiation dose in earth and space science.

This book is written primarily for earth scientists as well as for archaeologists and for physicists and chemists interested in new applications of the method. This book can serve as an undergraduate and graduate school textbook on applications of ESR to geological and archaeological dating, radiation dosimetry and e dating gr magnetic resonance imaging Yr. Introduction to ESR and chronology science and principle of ESR dating and dosimetry are described with applications to actual problems according to materials.

This book is directed to those who are interested in these possibilities of EPR … this book will stimulate further expansion of EPR to new ways of its application, stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary work. The main object is to determine the elapsed time New Applications of Electron Spin Resonance: Dating, Dosimetry and Microscopy.

Clocks of Elapsed Time e dating gr The Place of ESR DatingIntroduction to ESR — What is ESR? ESR Dating and Dosimetry: Principles and ProceduresAssessment of Radiation DoseCaCO3: Sulfates and Other MineralsPhosphates: Rocks, Faults and SedimentsSilica and Silicates: Geotherm and VolcanismSolid H2 and CO2: Space and Environmental SciencesChemical ESR Dating: Dosimeter, A-Bomb and ChernobylAccident and FoodstuffsESR Microscopy: Scanning Imaging of Spin DensityCVD-Poly Si Film Readership: Students, researchers in physics, chemistry, geochronology, geology, archaeology, magnetic resonance, radiation dosimetry, magnetic resonance imaging MRI as well as for engineers in material sciences.

Chapter 2 Introduction to ESR What is Electron Spin Resonance ESR? Chapter 3 ESR Dating xating Dosimetry Principles and Procedures. Chapter 4 Assessment of Radiation Dose. Chapter 5 CaCO3 Cave Deposits. Chapter 6 CaCO3 Biocarbonates E dating gr. Chapter 7 Evaporites Sulfates and Other Minerals. Chapter 8 Phosphates Bioapatite for Anthropology. Chapter 10 Silica and Silicates E dating gr and Volcanism. F 11 Datimg H2O and CO2 Space and Environmental Sciences.

Chapter 12 Chemical ESR Dating Organic Materials. Chapter 13 ESR Dosimetry Dosimeter E dating gr Dose and Dating single salad. Chapter 14 ESR Microscopy Scanning ESR Imaging of Spin Density. Chapter 9 SiO2 Rocks Faults and Sediments. Dating, Dosimetry and Microscopy M.

Chapter 1 Clocks of Elapsed Time The Place of ESR Dating.

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