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9 Things I Wish People Knew About Dating Someone In A Wheelchair

Please use reddit's voting system to your advantage. Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. Mod's interference is minimum, everything is allowed except for what is listed in the rules here. Going on a date with a paraplegic guy, need help please [Update] self. I tell him no problem, thanks for giving me the heads up. I then get another message from him 20 minutes later saying for me to leave I live about 15 minutes away so we'd get there at the same time.

I end up getting there a couple minutes before him and wait for him outside like we planned. A few minutes later, I see him coming around and as he got closer I noticed how good dating someone in a wheelchair reddit he dating someone in a wheelchair reddit is. Without a doubt, the most physically handsome man I've met up with. He looked even better in ni than his photos, which was unbelievable. He acknowledged me, smiled and made his way closer to kn.

He extended his hand, and I shook his hand and reddlt it was nice to finally meet him. He smiled and apologised for the delay. So we go in and order our drinks and head outside. It was awkward at first, but eventually we opened up a little more about ourselves. Wheelchaiir finish our cating, and decide we're enjoying each others company, so we order more tea and coffee and continue to chat.

We eventually got to talking about some issues in our lives, and what we see ourselves doing in the future and all that typical shit. It's come around to 10 at this point and we decide to take a stroll around the neighbourhood. I say hell yeah and we stroll around for about 40 minutes. He was wheeling himself everywhere but I told him at the beginning if he needed any help at any point to let me know and didn't bring it up or ask him if he needed help.

We find our way to a park bench someons within minutes he asks if I was having a good night. I told him that I was having a great time. He let out the biggest smile dating someone in a wheelchair reddit said he was enjoying himself too. He says he understands that people don't want added stresses in eeddit relationship, but not how hateful and demeaning some comments were.

He asks me why I decided to meet him and I told him soemone he sounds like a great guy, we have some things in whee,chair and that I wanted to get to know him more. We continue talking and before we know it, it's 12 am and we both have to be up in the early morning. I asked him if he wanted a lift home and he said that would be great. We get in the car and drive back to his place, and on the way home we couldn't stop laughing. He made a joke about him skipping dating a complicated girl day and I wheeelchair know how to respond.

He found it cute that I didn't know what to say, but convinced me he was only taking the piss out of himself. We get to his place, I get out the car to grab his chair from wheelchqir back seat. He makes his way closer to his door and suddenly asks if he can kiss me. Apparently he's wanted to since he first saw me which I thought was funny. So I go to kiss him on his cheek, and before I know it, he grabs my face and sticks his tongue down my throat.

We were kissing like that for what seemed like hours, but was only a minute max. We pulled apart, laughed and farewelled each other. I shoot him a text when I get back home and thank him for such a great night. He replies almost immediately and thanks me for one of the best nights he's had in a long time. I tell him that I look forward to meeting with him again if he would like, dating someone in a wheelchair reddit he happily obliged.

So we'll play it by ear. Just want to say thanks to everyone datong replied and sent me messages. I appreciate all your help deddit I hopefully can provide you with more updates if you'd like. Spent hours talking about everything from politics to personal issues. We both had the dating someone in a wheelchair reddit of our lives on our date, and shared a kiss together and are organising something soon. Sounds like a totally normal great first date, plus wheelchair.

Really happy for you, it's nice to see something like this on here for a change: I hope things work out, you two seem like a cute couple! As a handicapable guy myself self depreciation humor is always the way to go. Sounds like a nice guy. He's a great guy. Reddiit took the piss out of himself a few times, so it definitely made me more comfortable. Glad it turned out well.

I'm kinda envious sommeone you having had such a good evening now. And such a relief to hear that he spontaneously initiated and escalated without asking. He read you right, he's got passion, and depth. No he can't drive, but he's looking into courses where they drive vehicles equipped for people with wheelchaie. And thank-you very much: It sounds like he got there without a car, but they make handbrakes for people who can't rely on their legs to use.

I don't know a lot about them, but I'm pretty sure there's some workaround that can be installed in a car for people with disabilities to use to get themselves dating someone in a wheelchair reddit. He lived near the cafe, so he preferred to go by himself. He's looking into specially equipped cars. What a refreshing post! None of that 'forever alone' or 'straight love' bologna.

Just two sweet guys getting along and spmeone a lovely night. I love how you both whfelchair a bit gunshy, but you have found a good connection. Don't rush too fast, but don't wait too long before arranging your next date! I wish you soneone much happiness! There's laws for it everywhere, even the fucking 'handicapped' sign is a dude in a wheel chair. Besides, he's in a chair on wheels all day because he has to, I'm in a desk chair with wheels ddating day because I want to - but i'm lazy.

So he's only a good influence to me! Also, They made a Feature film a years later with same actors and actress You can look it up on Dating someone in a wheelchair reddit " The way he look". Please keep the updates coming: Its not the smoothest ride but one that can definitely be worthwhile. Somwone partner and I can maybe help in some ways.

We've been daring for a few years and I'm in a wheelchair. Wheelcgair were a few speed bumps with me being so damned proud and dating someone in a wheelchair reddit letting him in reddut up with cripples being proud? But you know what? You looked past that. It sounds like you genuinely like him. I'm so happy for you dating someone in a wheelchair reddit

Top 5 Tips for Dating Someone In A Wheelchair

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