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Common wisdom around Durango, Colorado, holds that there are three main roads into town but only two dating durango colorado you wind up moving here: I wish I could say that I moved here because of the mountains rising straight from the valley or the wide river that carves through town or the dozens of miles of trails I can run to right from dating durango colorado front door.

I could hardly take credit for the newfound attention with my own moderate looks and charms. It seemed as if I were the only single woman dating durango colorado town. Not that the attention was always flattering. During my year of steadfast singlehood, I discovered that the oft-repeated mountain-town adage The odds are good, but the goods are odd has more than a grain of truth to it. There was the sensitive artsy type who, after we had a good hike together, got sloppy drunk in my house, climbed into my bed uninvitedand barfed all over it.

The wild and woolly mountain town social scene is much easier to navigate if armed with this information:. Djrango Tele Guy might be able dating durango colorado help you perfect your turn, but try tutoring his bouldering moves? For every month of the previous relationship, allow one to two weeks. The bar is not one of them. The yoga studio, however. Were all the men in Durango so utterly weird and clueless? And was this the plight of mountain-town dating durango colorado dursngo the West?

Heather, 33, an acupuncturist in Crested Butte who has also lived in Texas and San Francisco, reported that men in her mountain abode appear to dating durango colorado more risk-taking behavior than their urban counterparts—and dutango only on the ski pistes. Some of my research subjects suggested that perhaps this lack of dating durango colorado of rejection has something to do dugango the nature of mountain towns themselves.

A lot of the time you work all night or party all night and then ski all day. Tara, 33, a television host for a local station in Sun Valley, agrees that the Animal House—like capers accepted as daily drunks-will-be- drunks fare in her town would never fly dating durango colorado larger towns. For example, her ex-boyfriend came home to find an inebriated man he was unacquainted with sleeping in his bed—and the man was just as alarmed as he was to find himself sleeping there.

She has also walked out of her bedroom some mornings to find naked people she barely knew passed out on her living room floor. One Durango friend, who wished to remain ccolorado, reported her last straw: On a good night, she says, expect ramen noodles or mac and cheese with hot dogs. Besides, their athletic talent is often their most appealing asset. Or, for some, just sleeping in on Sunday morning. Shanti, 37, a writer in Sun Valley, Idaho, said that one mountain-town male she dated was so dedicated to skiing he insisted on skiing alone.

Chamonix with long, hard days of skiing and long, hard wine-and-fromage-soaked nights. It ended up not working out for the unsuspecting schlub. Despite all our collective complaints, mountain towns are great places to live; and though dating in them may offer more funny stories than happy endings, they dating durango colorado also fun places to date. Here guys and gals get to know each other against a forest backdrop—backpacking or skiing, biking or kayaking.

A date could be checking out These pint-sized bubbles are havens dating durango colorado recreation dedicated dating durango colorado the pursuit of fun—Never Never Lands for grown-ups. Sure, many mountain-town men reportedly exhibit an aversion to commitment and have pathetically little sense of chivalry. But the upside is that they at least tend to be hot and single and have low standards. To my surprise they had similar complaints of mountain-town women: It also seemed that dating durango colorado just wanted to be appreciated for who they were—smelly socks, funny haircuts, squawky bike-race talk, and all.

Greg, 30, a contractor and mountain-bike racer, fell in love with a woman whom he said rode the up phase of their courtship with gusto then high-tailed it when it started to become more real. I was so infatuated with her. The next guy she dated was the same. It was great until she found his flaws. Could it be that we are too hard on our men?

Then I realized, Maybe the doofuses we tend to meet are just the most obvious ones. Census Bureau has a different take on the ratio. According to the people counters, towns across the West, from Taos to Durango to Jackson, have about equal numbers of single men dating durango colorado single women. My first target was Hot Yoga Boy, a tall, tanned guy with a big nose and coolorado shock of curly brown hair who frequented my hot vinyasa class.

I decided to approach him after class only to discover my own laughable dating durango colorado incompetence. But dating durango colorado few classes later, Hot Yoga Boy, never ditching his cooler-than-thou aloofness, which of course made me more duango, asked for my number. Several days later he invited me to durago backcountry dating durango colorado, my favorite activity.

Was this guy just trying to put me at ease or was he a closet lard ass? By the time we made it halfway down, despite the snowy skies and powdery chute we had all to ourselves, he asked if I wanted to do another lap. Fating considered it a dating durango colorado. We clambered into his truck, and he bee-lined it into town, screeching to a halt at his house. He muttered something before dashing in and dashing back out, barely letting me meet his roommates. It was more than a year later when Hot Yoga Boy, whom I now call Andrew, told me why he was so curt when I approached him after that first yoga class: And the reason why he was being such a weirdo on our first cooorado ski date?

He had been doing a cleansing fast the entire week beforehand, and his digestion was a bit, shall we say, uncooperative. He often eats with his elbows on the table and shovels dinner into his mouth duranbo. He devolves into bro-speak when hanging out with the boys, and he astrology online dating his Coors Light in cans.

Best of all, he tolerates my own abundant idiosyncrasies with incomprehensible patience. He knows not to try to convince me to go biking when I have apocalyptic bouts of PMS. He always cleans his plate when I serve him my botched kitchen experiments—bowties with kale, onions, strawberries, and lemon-ginger sauce, anyone?

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