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Doctor Who

Just like The Doctor, everybody needs a companion to explore the universe with and what better way to do that than by traveling with a fellow Whovian? Do you find yourself quoting Doctor Who all the time? Have you ever spent endless hours coming up with new meanings for the acronym T. Do you think bow ties are cool? And if you do too, then you're in the right place. So kick off your shoes and dig in. We want to be your guide to find love!

Don't worry, we took care of the monsters. Whovian companions dating site Who News My Profile Messages Search Photos Forums Games My Account Settings. Member Whovian companions dating site Username Password Remember Me Not yet a member? We thought dating could use a little more sonic Do you find yourself quoting Doctor Who all whovian companions dating site time?

Privacy Policy Articles Affiliates Contact Us FAQs Links Page Tell a Friend Site Map. Close Contact Form Enter your message below to contact Message. Close Contact Form Send a flirt to by selecting from the message below. Message Are you a Weeping Angel? Because I could stare at you all day! Is your psychic paper telling you what it's telling me? I'll be your Ten, if you'll be my Rose Tyler. I'll be your Rose Tyler, if you'll be my Ten. WOULD YOU LIKE A SOUFFLE?

You can't be a Silence, because you are unforgettable. Would you like to go out for texting and scones? Would you like a jelly baby? I'm looking for a Roman I've been waiting for a mad-man with a blue box. I need a Time Lord to take me away I need a companion Want to go on an adventure? Not yet a member?

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