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Online dating — the psychology (and reality)

There are plenty of urban myths linking specific personal characteristics of an individual e. For example, does body shape predict first date outcome? And does it do so differently for men and women? The answer to both questions is yes:. As we will see, first date outcomes physiacl significantly predicted by all sorts of characteristics which users freely divulge on a typical dating site profile.

But first, let's talk about data. We surveyed 10, FreeDating. How far you would go on a first date? They were presented with a series of answers ranging from no physical contact to would go all the way. We combined their answer with anonymised data from their dating profile, and passed this to our statistician. He analysed the data using a variety of statistical models designed to find which profile attributes significantly predicted any given answer.

See a larger version of this chart. Atrributes a larger version of this chart Effect is cumulative When two or more significant attributes are combined, their effect is also combined. So a date with a married drinker regardless of gender is more likely to result in a physical outcome, than a date with a married non-drinker, physcal a single drinker. Traditionally, the idea that larger women are dating site physical attributes likely to have sex on a first date, has been linked with supposed issues around low self-esteem and reduced confidence.

So it is interesting to see the same effect in taller women too - datint and above - an attribute we might associate with high self-esteem and increased confidence. In fact, our research indicates no real pattern regarding attributes which might be associated with levels of self esteem and confidence, and first date outcomes. So dating site physical attributes only does this theory presuppose that larger women have lower self-esteem and less confidence, it also relies on a dubious connection between low self esteem, less confidence, and an increased willingness datinng have sex!

We actively discourage people who are looking to cheat on their partner from using FreeDating. So we ask that they at least classify themselves as "married" in their profile, giving other users the option to avoid them if required. Of course, this makes things much harder for the attributrs - by being up front about being already married to somebody else, they have dramatically reduced the pool of users willing to engage with them. This creates an obvious incentive for the cheater to lie about their current relationship status, so it is interesting to see that where a user had selected other as their relationship status, wttributes responded in exactly the way as users dating site physical attributes had selected married!

In other words, if you suspect someone is not being up front about their relationship status because they have something to hide, you are almost certainly right - they are probably married! Incidentally, both other and married predicts a significantly increased likelihood of sex as a first date outcome, but only amongst men. Perhaps unsurprisingly, attributes phyzical we might associate with a more hedonistic lifestyle, such as drinking and smoking, tend to predict a greater attdibutes to sex on a first date.

Women who prefer to spend their time in a bar, were increasingly likely to consider first dating site physical attributes sex, whereas users who would rather be out cycling male or femaleor spending time with their family men only were significantly below the baseline in this respect. We have already seen how body shape predicts different first date outcomes in men vs. Would you go all the way on a first date, regardless of whether you liked that person or not?

What is more interesting is the age profile of this category: Despite wide variations from woman to woman, it is interesting to note that women as a group are still way more reserved than men! So the youngest, largest, most drunken women, is about as open to first date sex as an average sixty year old guy. You don't need your credit card to use any part of this site! Online Dating Articles Dating Surveys Dating Infographics FreeDating. Free Dating Dating site physical attributes Free Dating Belfast Free Dating Birmingham Free Dating Brighton Free Dating Bristol Free Dating Cornwall Free Dating Cumbria Free Dating Devon Free Dating Edinburgh Free Dating Essex Free Dating Glasgow Free Dating Kent Free Dating Leeds Free Dating Liverpool Free Dating London Free Dating Manchester Free Dating Newcastle Free Dating Nottingham Free Dating Scotland Free Dating Wales.

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