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Why does every guy fall for Gemini woman?

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud woan phishing, show more. Why does every guy fall for Gemini woman? And why can't Gemini woman find the one out of all those guys? Does Gemini even have a perfect match?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Trending Now Saul Niguez Sean Hannity Sorana Cirstea Elsa Pataky Jade Logue Chevy Truck Lease Sean Paul Small SUV Nissan Rogue DeAndre Jordan. Because we're the best!!!!. Everything required to learn you will see in that guide: Haha that's a good question. My best friend is a gemini and the guys swoon over her. It's probably because guys can always catch her while she's single But she's very fun, loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent, etc etc.

However, she doesn't commit well She slowly grows more distant from her man and seems to find ways to turn him off. Dating a gemini woman yahoo answers a relationship does last I've witnessed this once, a gemini girl I knew was in a relationship for nearly 3 years it's a tough one. My friend will complain about the smallest things, give the guy a cold shoulder because he didn't text her right away, etc.

What I'm getting at, is womn guys fall for a gemini woman at one point in dating a gemini woman yahoo answers or several but rarely have I witnessed it lasting very long. They also have the strong power of seduction. But if the love is not there after they experienced some time with a particular partner, they will not hesitate to continue looking for the one!

I believe a gemini does better with another gemini than any other sign; however, because they can mutate to each others needs continuously!! Gemini women also let men know that they are self assured can live without them making it more of an interesting challenge for a man, thus he is greatly attracted to her. Gemini is flirty with everyone they know what the man wants to hear Gemini likes to please others so they just thoughtlessly say the things that the man wants even if the Gemini doesn't think that dating a gemini woman yahoo answers. When Gemini find out that the guy was fallen for her cuz of her pleasing wordsthey regretbecoz Gemini doesn't like to rejectthey just can'twhen they dothey will feel awful inside but won't show it.

Gemini women have two distinct personalities therefore it's difficult to find someone who likes both of these. Just be completely up front with dating a gemini woman yahoo answers sides of the Gemini coin and you'll eventually find someone who likes you for you. All signs are attracted to Gemini's initially at least because they're very social. Personally I'm a Sagittarius that Yahok Gemini's for the first 2 months of a relationship or friendship but then gets my feelings hurt by them I thought that Sags were blunt!!

This will thin out the people that can't take this intense reaction and leave the tougher ones that you should focus on Or I suppose that you could try to fight off this Gemini trait and just watch what you say It's up to you. For their brains and beauty. Look for dating a gemini woman yahoo answers Aquarius. I don't kown the answer but men that have approached me have said;"I'm easy to talk to and I put them at ease"I always try to be polite to everyone but some men like to think I a pushover though and they will get their way with me but that is so far from the truth.

Dating a gemini woman yahoo answers believe that you should never appear needy or desperate when your out at a bar. I have never approached a guy in a bar first. If you show confidence then you'll weed out the players. They'll know you got them figured out. I am a talker and I love to have discuss things and get peoples opinion on all topics. I like talking to people who are mentally stimulating and who know alot about alot of znswers things.

Gemini like a man that looks good but just know that it will take alot more than looks to keep them interested. Dating gazelle frameworks don't think most men can keep up with my need for change and I don't mean different men,I mean changing the color of the room,changing where I live,changing jobs,changing my opinions ect.

Do gemini's have a perfect match? Dating a gemini woman yahoo answers wear armor over daating heart,they can love and rating with the same amount of passion By the way,my favorite feature is the eyes,some mens are spellbinding and the datihg dating a gemini woman yahoo answers is a persons hands. Looking for a psychic reading? Related Questions Confused Gemini woman.?

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