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History of merit badges (Boy Scouts of America)

Merit Badges

The history of merit badges in the Boy Scouts of America BSA has been tracked by categorizing them into a series of merit badge types. In addition to the Boy Scouts of Americamany other Scouting and Scouting-like organizations around the world, such as PathfindersBaden-Powell Scouts and Royal Rangersissue merit badges or their equivalent; though they are sometimes called honors or proficiency badges.

Other organizations, such as fire brigadesissue badges or awards that they refer to as merit badgesdating boy scout badges that are in some respects different from the badges awarded by the BSA. Merit badges have been an integral part of the Scouting program since the start of the movement in the United Kingdom on August 1,and are an important part of dating boy scout badges uniform and insignia of the Boy Scouts. Scouting came to the United States in ; the BSA quickly issued an initial list of just 14 merit dating boy scout badges, but did not produce or award them.

Inthe BSA manufactured the first official 57 merit badges and began awarding them. The classification of badges into types came about as a way for collectors to categorize and classify their collections. Merit badge collectors often collect other Scouting memorabilia as well. Merit badges exist to encourage Scouts to explore areas that interest them and to teach them valuable skills in Scoutcraft.

Certain badges are mandatory to receive these higher ranks. For a few years during the s and 90s, First Aid merit badge was a requirement for the First Class Scout rank. The number of merit badges required for each of these higher ranks has varied historically, as has dating boy scout badges ratio of mandatory merit badges and non-mandatory badges for those ranks. Once Scouts attain the Eagle rank, they can earn Eagle Palmsa core requirement of which is earning more merit badges.

The BSA dating boy scout badges the design, name, and availability of merit badges depending on various factors such as their popularity, shifts in the focus of the Scouting program, and changes in society. The remaining six were not reproduced in a short lived "generation" of merit badges, Type I. American Business was BusinessArchery, Astronomy, Aviation, Bird Study was OrnithologyBugling, Camping, Cooking, Cycling, Electricity, Fire Safety was FiremanshipFishing was AnglingForestry, Gardening, Horsemanship, Painting, Photography, Pioneering, Sculpture, Small Boat Sailing was Seamanshipand Swimming.

An example of merit badges reflecting changes in the focus of the Scouting program is " Civics ", which was originally the only citizenship-related merit badge. In dating boy scout badges name was changed to "Citizenship. Sincethe badges in this group are "Citizenship in the Community", "Citizenship in the Nation", "Citizenship in the World", and "Family Life", all four of which dating boy scout badges currently on the mandatory list for Eagle Scout.

The "First Aid to Animals" and "Plant Science" merit badges have both evolved due to societal changes. It was renamed " Veterinary Medicine " in The "Personal Health" merit badge was an original badge with a heart motif. The merit badges on the mandatory list for Eagle rank have changed several times; "First Aid" is the only merit badge that has always been on the mandatory list for Eagle. Inthe BSA began manufacturing those merit badges that are required in order to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout with a silver border instead of the green border used on other merit badges.

Scouts could earn any of the four merit badges: Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling, and Tracking. Each had been previously retired inexcept Signaling, which was discontinued in These could be used as electives for Star, Life and Eagle ranks, and had to be started and completed during ; after which these badges would again be retired. A new merit badge for Robotics was jointly announced by NASA and the Boy Scouts of America in July There have been confirmed Boys Scouts who have earned all the merit badges.

The first Boy Scout to do so was Allen Acomb in The first Boy Scout to earn all the merit badges before earning his Eagle was David R. Both of his younger brothers Lance Schulze and Aaron Schulze would follow in his footsteps making them one of four families where all three sons earned dating boy scout badges merit badge. The other trios being the Kunz brothers from San Diego, dating boy scout badges Pugh brothers from Ferndale, and the Weeks brothers from South Ogden.

According to collectors and badge historians, there have been 11 major styles of merit badges: Types A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, [24] and K. The visual appearance of a merit badge may alter due to several reasons. A "manufacturing error" is a mistake or significant deviation from the BSA-approved badge design during production. A "design error" is when a badge is manufactured the way it was designed, but the design had a significant flaw.

Variations do not appreciably alter the badge's appearance or design. These are often caused by manufacturing variations and not classified separately. However, dating boy scout badges variations have attained notoriety, such as the waffle weave variation found among Type C badges and the large people vs. Collectors find these variations interesting and collect such badges. Stitch patterns and thread type such as silk or cotton are not always consistent.

A similar error dating boy scout badges in both Type H and Type J Citizenship in the Nation badges, where colors vary in order from red, white, and blue to blue, white, and red; the reasons for this are unknown. Large and small bell varieties also exist. Emergency Preparedness was made with a red cross from untilwhen it was replaced with a green cross dating boy scout badges This change was intentionally made. Genuine manufacturing errors occur from time to time.

Some Atomic Energy Type G badges were made without a nucleus. It is supposed to be orange. There have been at least three Type H badges made with little or no plastic; called plasticizing or Type G errors: American CulturesColonial Philadelphia, [59] and Journalism. First Aid to Animals FATA Type H was made in error with a silver border in This is one of the most famous errors.

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