Hara dating rumors

G-dragon and Sulli is dating for real~~~

Hara's agency denies she's dating G-Dragon

Fans defend G-Dragon from racist comments seen on Chanel's 'Gabrielle bag campaign'. What are hara dating rumors thoughts on the rumors? I don't care who is dating as long as he is harx and the girls isn't a bitch. Idol's are dating someone even just for look each other hahaha. Netzines had shipped g-dragon with every girl that appears with him! HOLD UR TITS LADIES HE DOES NOT WANT TO DATE. Can't a guy and a girl be friends without having dating rumors around them?

Leave this man alone. Enough with the rumors. He literally took a ruumors with the group cause Hara manager asked him to then he left to go do other things alone. There are pictures of him after. I think thats why a lot of idols whom the media interviewed said they Hara dating rumors WANT their kids to be idols in future, they have datihg the dark side of this idol life, the Antis, the hate you get, the dating ban, the "always have to be perfect" image. I can imagine some others would dxting probably committed suicide with the depression from reading hate comments.

Have seen some Korean celebrities done that. Hang in there, Sulli and G-Dragon and Hara. Everyone but SULLI seems to have quite a bit of MONEY in the BANK already. But SULLI did okay with her F x Group work, and Fashion Photo Shoots. Anyway, I do not see anyone involved here being overly intimidated by fans. HARA might be the one that gets a bit 'phased' by it odd fan behavior sometimes. And 'hanging' with SULLI seems to have made HARA more datung about odd TROLL behavior. Hara 's agency KeyEast denied she's dating G-Dragon on February haga.

KeyEast stated, "The dating rumors going around on fan pages are ridiculous. G-Dragon and Hara are friends. There were other people there too. They don't have a special relationship. Get Rumkrs Merch allkpop The Shop. YOU MAY LIKE Promoted links by 6Theory. Not hara dating rumors netcitz eyes like a hawk. Most Discussed View More Today This Week This Month. Popular Memes View More Today This Week This Month. Discussions from allkpop Forums From the Shop Hara dating rumors More.

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Hara's agency shuts down rumors that she's dating G-Dragon

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