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22 Idols Who Are Now Confirmed To Be Dating

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Recently, couples have been springing up all over the world of K-Pop! It's been a year of kpop idol dating list 2014 romance! With one couple springing up after another kpop idol dating list 2014 hard to keep track of who's dating who. So we've compiled this list of all the dating and happily married couples! While there is still no official confirmation, after 4 years of mere speculation that G-Dragon and Kiko have been dating, recent photos show they they're quite close and possibly more than friends.

Korean Couple Found a Hidden Camera at their Leeteuk Updates Fans After Robbery in Switzerland. Hani Has A Habit That Her Manager Keeps Fans Furious As Agency Recycles Old Clothes For IU Goes On A Liking Spree On Instagram Yeo Jin Goo takes his top off and Trainees From All Of The Big 3 Will Jiwon, Natty, and Eunseo Have Officially Left JYP Kim Soo Hyun Shows Off His Impressive Singing Chinese Man Lies In A Grave With His Rap Monster Revealed To TIME Magazine How He Baekhyun Choiza EXO f x Sulli Girls Generation Interactive kim taehee Lee Byunghun Rain SNSD Spotlight Sunye Taeyeon Wonder Girls.

Kickboxing Medalist Disguised Himself As A Young Woman To Catch Criminals. VIXX Leo Turned Heads Of Tons Of Strangers By Literally Just Walking. This Actress abandoned her slim figure, in order to play a fat girl. BTS Jin revealed the actual size measurement of his shoulders. Food Eating Champion Took Off His Clothes, And Fans Were Shocked At His Body. Koreans Names These 3 Idols The Most Popular Female idols.

10 Kpop & Korean Celebrity Couples STILL Dating In 2016

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