Korean dating app reddit

Korean dating app reddit


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Dating in Korea self. I hear that dating in Korea is really korean dating app reddit. Can you tell me more about it. Can you compare it to other asian countries like Chinese and Japan? Are Korean girls more passionate like in the kdrama or it's just an illusion? I'm from Canada btw. Koreans aren't some mystical people. We're just like everyone else. Some girls are more passionate and some are reserved.

What a fucking weird question. I am pretty sure Korean girls date the same as Korean guys. But OP is right, its year first, month next, and finally date. Maybe you're confused because some kdramas are based on an older time before the year-month-date standard. I have the feeling from your post history that dalliances with the fairer sex aren't something you have to worry to much about. Korean dating app reddit you say in a previous post you were engaged? Not to shit on you, but the opinion of a 22 year old Swedish college kid engaged at a bizarrely young age to a bizzarely young woman doesn't hold much water when men are talking.

I would rather stick my dick into a blender and drink whatever comes out of it than read a wall of text from a random foreigner who thinks his standard dating story is minimally interesting. Yup so right ALL North Americans are illmannered, impolite, AND very feminine and can't do anything themselves. What the fuck have you been reading? Have you ever been to the US and Canada? Both are built on very rugged and quite masculine male dominated cultures The US especially puts a lot of emphasis on men being macho.

Maybe if you weren't such a concieted commie piece of shit who thinks he's better than everyone because he can afford to buy a girlfriend you would take your head out of your ass and not make grossly wrong generalizations. Also brag more about your girlfriends being prettier than kpop idols, we can all buy a hooker for a night. You being in your early 20's is an insult to all millenials Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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South Korea's president wants to ban photos, and questions about your parents and schools, in job applications. South Korea Prepares Bill to Provide Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Makes so much sense. Life isn't like a Kdrama.

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